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          • 欢迎 to Presdales

            Presdales is a wonderfully energetic school. The choices on offer make learning a truly inclusive experience.

          • Presdales School

            We are committed to the development of independent minded young women who have active and creative minds.

          • A Challenging 课程

            Our curricular provision exceeds the basic requirements of the National 课程 by offering increased opportunities to all girls.

          • Ofsted Says

            Presdales School provides an outstanding education for its pupils.

          The Latest From Presdales

          Why Presdales?

          Presdales is a six-form entry school which aims to provide an outstanding education that enables all students, regardless of their background and starting point, to achieve and surpass their academic potential.

          Our Values Underpin Every Facet of School Life

          An Extensive Range of Opportunities at Presdales

          Our leavers have continued their education at some of the UK’s top universities

          Coming Up

          Thursday 12th :
          Year 11 Futures Morning (periods 1 to 4)
          Year 11 Virtual 父母’ Consultation Meeting

          Friday 13th :
          Year 8 Design Careers Morning


          Presdales School
          Hoe Lane
          SG12 9NX

          Tel: 01920 462210

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