Important support from EdufundUK Ltd

Once again we owe a big thank you to EdufundUK Ltd. This Hertfordshire-based charity offers ‘small awards’ in three categories and this academic year we have been fortunate enough to benefit from all three.

Firstly, support was received by way of a full £1,000 Small PE Award to assist Presdales School with a larger PE project, which is planned for later in the year.

Through the Small Effective 学习 Award a grant was sought for electronic reader pens to support students in lessons. Thanks to EdufundUK Ltd., five of these revolutionary tools have been purchased and are already in use.

And most recently, following the attendance of a Microbiology training course at the University of Hertfordshire, Biology teacher Miss Lee and our Biology Technician, Mrs Bates, brought to my attention a desire to purchase a class set of two sizes of micro-pipettes (seen frequently on news footage at the moment). Originally thought to be too expensive, after working hard to find the best solution we managed to secure a price for the two sets that allowed us to apply to EdufundUK’s Small STEM Award.

Receiving a prompt decision from EdufundUK, this equipment has already been purchased, excitedly unpacked and is in full use through a range of year groups. Comments from members of staff with scientific backgrounds – that they had not seen let alone been able to use such equipment until they were at work – make us appreciate just how lucky we are to receive such support and the ability to provide our students with real laboratory skills.


HOUSE : Lingofest

Our Lingofest – the 语言 Faculty House Competition – was a Speaking Competition which saw over 120 students from Years 7-9 represent their Houses in the finals of a foreign language reading competition. They read aloud songs and poems in 5 languages and were given points for pronunciation, intonation and dramatic effect. All of the finalists rose to the challenge and should be proud of their performances! The results can be seen below.


意大利 Lingofest was full of impressive performances! It was hard to decide a winner for Year 7 and their poem – Sembra Questo Sembra Quello – was performed very well by all contestants, but Bella Gray (Parks) won with a great performance including an array of ingenious props! The Year 8 competition was won by Lola Colley (Nightingale) who confidently handled a poem with a tricky rhythm and lots of unusual vocabulary. In Year 9, Isabella Abraham (Windsor) read her poem with careful attention to pronunciation and pace and just edged to victory over some other strong performances! In all, lots of work went into the performances – congratulations to all participants!


The German Lingofest final saw pupils read a variety of texts in front of our 德语 conversation teacher, Frau Birgitt Wilmanns. The atmosphere was buzzing as Year 7 read and brought to life the nursery rhymes ‘Backe, Backe Kuchen’ and ‘Das Farbengedicht’. There were lots of props and gesticulation to entertain and make the meaning clear. Year 8 read or sang the well-known and much enjoyed carnival song ‘Das Fliegerlied’ with appropriate sound effects. Year 9 read a poem written by another student about how the colours can make us feel. All of our finalists gave their very best and scored lots of House Points for their efforts.


For the second year running, the French Department decided to explore poems by the famous French author Jacques Prévert for our popular Lingofest House competition. Years 7, 8 and 9 students represented their respective House in the Final by reading either “Le Cancre”, “En sortant de l’école” or “Le chat et l’oiseau”. Our 法国 Assistante, Mme Hunt, was so impressed with the intonation and pronunciation of our students that she found it very difficult to score each performance, which explained why the results were so close. Well done all! A special mention goes to Cara Conway-Baker in Year 8 for creating a fantastic video and recording of “En sortant de l’école”. See a few still pictures of it below.


For Lingofest, the Year 7 俄语 students learnt a playground rhyme: Aty-Baty shli soldaty (Аты-Баты, шли солдаты). It has a strong, marching rhythm, repetition, questions and answers and lends itself brilliantly to clapping along. The Year 7 competitors were outstanding in team work, pronunciation, pace, fun and communicating meaning through gesture and intonation. Some competitors had also learnt the text by heart, which was most impressive.

Year 8 and 9 House teams read aloud a 俄语 folk-tale: ‘Repka’ (Репка, The Turnip). It is a quaint, comic, simple tale with a message: team work overcomes problems and the smallest member of the team is as important as the others. Some competitors dressed up in traditional peasant accessories, some acted out the events, others made visual aids showing the characters in the story, including an almost life-size model of the giant turnip. The performances were very entertaining!

We thank all those who took part for your efforts. Special mention goes to students who were the only person representing their House. The winners were: Parks in Year 7, Pankhurst in Year 8, and jointly Frank and Parks in Year 9. The competition was judged by Mrs Parry, the 俄语 Department’s native-speaker teacher.


Visual representation of Year 7 poem ‘En un trozo de papel’

Year 8 poet: Federico García Lorca

Year 9 poet: Pablo Neruda








Spanish pupils at Key Stage 3 put on some lovely performances of a variety of poems by writers from the Spanish-speaking world. Year 7 acted out an excerpt of ‘En un trozo de papel’, a beautiful dreamlike poem by Galician poet Antonio García Teijeiro. Year 8 produced some thoughtfully performed and well-pronounced performances of ‘Mariposa’ by one of the 20th century’s most famous 西班牙语 poets, Federico García Lorca. Meanwhile, Year 9 really entered into the spirit of Lingofest by producing a variety of renditions of ‘El viento en la isla’ by Chilean poet and Nobel Prize-winner Pablo Neruda. They brought the character of the poem alive with rhythmic chanting, dance, actions, and even sound effects to help create extra atmosphere. Well done to all who participated both in class and in the finals!


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Presdales Ski Trip 2020

On Friday 14th February, 111 girls and 13 teachers left school to head to Leysin in Switzerland. The journey was fine and passed quickly, watching films, chatting and sleeping. We arrived in very good time to sort out our ski fit and chill for the remainder of the day. The weather was a mixture of sun, rain, snow and cloud and but the gorgeous warm conditions on the last day made for an amazing end to the ski trip. We all had such fun – the instructors were all so experienced and knowledgeable and everyone made great progress. We enjoyed all our evening activities too, especially the tobogganing and spa/swimming night. We were all proud of the progress everyone made and for showing great resilience on some very challenging slopes – especially the beginners!!

Mrs Dann and Mrs Share

“I loved the trip and had a fantastic time. Thank you so much to all the teachers who looked after me. I had a wonderful time with my friends.” Student

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the staff for taking my daughters on the ski trip! They had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!” Parent

“Thank you for taking such good care of her and we are also very grateful for the effort the staff made, especially the lunch at the top of the Gondola on the last day, she really enjoyed that!” Parent

新闻 from 地理

Year 9 Volcanoes – Presdales Ring of Fire

Year 9 have been studying tectonics in their 地理 lessons this term. Here are some of their volcano models, ready for judging and erupting!

Well done everyone!

TECH 4.0 Project – FANUC Visit, Coventry

On Wednesday 5th February we went to Fanuc Coventry, we saw many amazing robots and delved into what engineering careers had to offer. As we entered, we were greeted by members of FANUC. We were able to see some of their robots which were displayed. Robots in green were human friendly meaning if it comes into contact with someone it will stop what it is doing. Whilst yellow robots do not and are kind of dangerous.

We then had an introduction from representatives from the PPMA, who told us about the companies involved in the project. An apprentice then took us on a tour around the rest of the factory.

After the tour, we came back and they explained what the next 10 weeks would entail. They suggested how to set out a plan for the next 10 weeks and learnt a bit about Gantt Charts. We also had an activity involving Lego and one involving a paperclip.

In the end we had a great experience looking at robots and learning a few more things about engineering and robots. We are hoping to raise the 8% of women working in the industry to 50%!

Thea, Alice, Isabella, Louisa, Becky and Mariam (Year 9)

Year 12 心理学 Trip to Poland

In February, 28 Year 12 心理学 students flew to Poland for a short but feature-packed trip. We were there to visit the beautiful city of Krakow. However, this was not a sightseeing trip; we were there to visit the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was the scene of unspeakable atrocities during WW2, witnessing the systematic execution of over 1 million people: a dark time in recent human history, known as the holocaust.

Our weekend began with a VERY early flight. Once we had arrived in Krakow, we had the opportunity to try some traditional Polish street food – Zapiekanka, a toasted, open-faced sandwich – as well some other snacks such as waffles and ice-cream, despite the cold weather. This was followed by a walking tour of the Jewish quarter, Kaziemierz, with our tour guide, Monika. We really enjoyed the tour as it gave us an in-depth insight into what it would have been like as a Jewish person living in Nazi occupied Poland, having to hide in fear of being caught or being sent away from your home and family.

The following morning, we ensured we had lots of layers to wear as it was -5 degrees and we set off on our journey to Auschwitz-Birkenau. On the coach we watched a DVD in preparation for what we were going to see on the tour, highlighting some of the horrible things that happened at Auschwitz-Birkenau. One thing that was quite surreal was the videos of the children who suffered and how they couldn’t really comprehend what was happening to them. The tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau was insightful as much as it was harrowing. It was an experience we were grateful to have had as it’s important to try and understand why these sorts of events happen and how we can try to prevent them from occurring again. As part of our A-level 心理学 course, we look at the concept of obedience and what factors may influence a person to obey. We have to relate this to the Holocaust to try and explain the behaviour of the Nazi soldiers and why they obeyed the orders to harm and kill millions of innocent people.

In the afternoon, we had a walking tour of Krakow Old Town, including Wawel Castle and St Mary’s Basilica. This was followed by some free time to explore the large market square, taking in the beautiful architecture and local stalls. The evening was spent having dinner at a Polish restaurant before heading back to our hotel.

This was one of the best trips we’ve ever been on and we want to thank Mrs Simmonds, Mrs Sykes and Mrs Miller for giving us an experience we won’t forget.

By Jasmine Cooper and Rosie Hough

Year 7 ‘What is kindness?’ competition

All students in Year 7 were invited to take part in this competition to celebrate our year group’s key school value.  With over 50 different entries ranging from posters to poems, cake to sculptures, congratulations go to the overall winner Bella Gray (7RM) for her amazing kindness bunting and to Nefeli Tsamili (7JC) and Clara Thorp (7DS) for their stunning pieces of art work, both receiving highly commended.

Well done to everyone for taking part and sharing their creativity!

Mrs Jane Fry
Head of Year 7

Presdales Tower Takeover